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Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities 


Looking to keep the kids entertained during rainy days while on your holidays. Don't worry we've got you covered!!

Indoor Activities

Waterpoint Aqua Park, Enniscrone, Co. Sligo

Waterpoint Aqua Park, an indoor swimming pool with a superb 65m water slide, fantastic kiddies fun pool, adult health suite and a brand new and improved fitness gym, to guarantee a fun filled day for all the family.

Funny Bones House of Fun, Collooney Co. Sligo.

Funny Bones is a children's play center just outside Sligo Town. Hours of fun can be enjoyed by all ages with the soft play area, go karts and laser zone. Babies and toddlers are also catered for along with a coffee shop for the adults.

Westport House & Pirate Adventure Park, Westport Co. Mayo.

The Pirates Den is a great in door play center for all the small ones. With an area for under 2's and a go karting track for the older kids.

Tumble Jungle, Ballina, Co. Mayo.

Ireland's biggest in door play center,with bouncy castles, climbing frame, a jungle run and a toddler area, there is hours of fun to be had!

Mayo Leisure point, Castlebar, co. Mayo

With an in door adventure play area, a snack bar and an 8 bowling lanes ro keep children of all ages entertained!


Sligo County Museum & Library

There's nothing quite like curling up with a book on a miserable day. With an extensive range of children's material and dedicated children's areas. A range of activities are often put on from arts and craft groups to story telling sessions. The library is also home to Sligo County Museum where exhibitions are showcased all year through!

National Museum of Country Life,  Castlebar, Co. Mayo

A trip to The National Museum of Country Life in Turlough House Castlebar is a must on a rainy day, a fun and educational experience for the whole family. With Collections of objects that represent the Irish way of living since 1850 and various exhibitions on show.

The Jackie Clarke Collection, Ballina, Co. Mayo. 

Showcasing one of the world's leading collection of historical Irish materials. Admission is FREE and you can enjoy a spot of lunch in the cafe after. 

Ballina Library, Ballina Co. Mayo

Packed with reading material for adults and a dedicated ares for the children. Check out the Mayo county linaray website for all the events happening throughout the year!

Catch a Movie!!

Let the cinema be your warm comfy haven. You will be spoilt for choice with all the latest action packed films. Try Mayo movie world in Castlebar, Ballina cineplex or the Gaiety Cinema in Sligo.

Arts & Crafts

Sligo is rich in artistic and literary tradition so while you are on holidays why not engage yourself and your family in some arts and crafts;

Hullabalo on Pearse Road in Sligo is dedicated for having fun and getting creative.  Paint anything from a plate to a fairy. Pottery painting is fun for all ages.

The Model in Sligo is the home of The Niland Collection a leading center in Ireland for the contemporary arts. It is extremely child friendly with a bright open air space.  They run programmes like The Big Draw for younger children and Art Trap for the older ones which always book up quickly.  They also show family film from time to time.

Head to the Beach

You are going to get wet anyway so you won't notice the rain. Go for a surf on Enniscrone Beach with dedicated schools, who provide wetsuits, boards and lessons. You'll be riding those waves in no time!





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by Louise McDonnell (2Market - Digital Marketing Agency)

So….Did that week just happen?…

It started on Friday evening…. the lines of traffic into Enniscrone from every approach road.  There was a line of traffic from Ballina to Enniscrone from 7pm onwards as people made their way to catch a first glimpse of a Boeing767 sailing into Killala Bay. 


Friday was a beautiful day.  Blue skies, light winds and sunshine.   There were cars and camper vans from all over Ireland and every bed in the village was booked out.  The atmosphere was electric with an air of excitement and anticipation…. Was this really about to happen? 



Most people made their way to the pier walk where there was a clear view of the Boeing767 sitting on a barge being pulled by the MTS Statum Tug boat. 


Such was the crowd that there was a traffic jam in the village until after midnight. 


Word filtered out that the plane wouldn’t be landing on Saturday morning.  There was a big swell in the bay and the wind was coming from the wrong direction. 



And still they came.  Thousands of people coming and going throughout the day. 


The TodayFM broadcast was amazing.  Anton Savage and his team installed themselves in the Lifeguards Tower  to the delight of the crowd that had assembled on the beach.  There was music, fun, updates from David and the “She’s a big Yoke” T-shirts! 


Anton gave David a platform to get this story out.... His listeners from all over Ireland traveled to Enniscrone to be a part of the story.   The profile in the media also meant that the story was picked up my the media worldwide...


 Listen to the entire story here:


Saturday afternoon was wet and cold. 


They started pulling the barge to shore shortly after 3pm.  It didn’t take word long to filter through to eager spectators who made their way to the beach, promenade, caravan park and anywhere they could,  to see this once in a lifetime spectacle. 

It took 3 hours, 3 diggers, 2km of rope and nerves of steel to drag the 430 tonne barge carrying a 50 tonne Boeing 767 to shore.


The weather never let up.  By 9pm most families with children had abandoned the beach and had returned home to watch progress of the move live on SmashteckTV.  100,000 people tuned in over the weekend such was the interest at home and abroad.

Back on the beach, a road was built to allow the crane to lift the plane onto to a truck.   It was 1.30am by the time the crane swung into action.  By this time, the crowds had started to build even more.  In the quiet and the dark thousands of people stood in amazement. 


Shortly after 3am on the morning of the 8th of May a Boeing767 slowly started to make its way from Enniscrone Beach to the site of the Quirky Glamping Village. 


David and Anton led the way and a procession of astounded people followed.   He had done it!  Months of planning, persuading, insisting, driving had paid off. 


Sunday turned out to be a beautiful warm day.    And still the people came….lines of traffic made their way to David’s Glamping Site.  The first coach load even pulled up!  It felt like a festival.  People snapping photos,  chatting to each other and gazing in amazement at this really “big yoke”. 


Enniscrone had a new skyline and it felt like everyone in the world was paying attention. 

Enniscrone made the news nationally and internationally.  

Sky News




Reuters International


Daily Mail


Straits Times Singapore



UPI (United Press Intentional)


The Metro UK


AOL Travel UK



RTE News


The Irish Times



Irish Independent


The Journal.ie




The Sun


Irish Mirror



The Clare Champion


The Sligo Championb2ap3_thumbnail_sligo-champion.jpg

Donegal Now



Something tells me it’s only the start…


















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By Aoife Gordon

Please have your boarding pass and identification ready for boarding!

All roads, tracks and runways lead to Enniscrone……or at least they will come the 7th of May. The countdown is on….excitement and anticipation is at fever pitch!

When the Boeing 767 sails into Kilalla Bay on Thursday morning, this will surely be a first,   every vantage point will be precious, from the walkway down Carrowhubbock to the dunes of the Valley of Diamonds – all eyes will focus on this historic event on the Balawaddy River.

Our little gem that is Enniscrone is finally been unveiled to the world  due to the phenomenal interest of both national and international media in the ‘Quirky Nights Glamping Village’, brought to us by local man David McGowan.

Some say he’s mad, others call him a “legend”, but we are delighted that he has invested so much time, energy and resources to confound his doubters and put our small town of Enniscrone on the map by bringing this unique project to our shore!

It has been the topic of conversation at every breakfast and dinner table from Sligo to Sydney. Everyone in Enniscrone is Boeing mad!!
So if you have been following the journey (who hasn’t?) and want to witness this once in a life time event, then Enniscrone is your destination on Saturday 7th of May.  Follow the journey on our Facebook  & Twitter pages.  #767Enniscrone #PlaneSailing



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Enniscrone is a picturesque seaside town on the Wild Atlantic Way route. The year seems to be divided up by weather and holidays so much so, that it seems like a different town when comparing the winter to the summer, and I mean this in a good way! Like most rural locations it is extremely seasonal and there is no doubt in the winter time that Enniscrone is on the Wild Atlantic Way route, with big swells and stormy weather hitting the coast. The summer time turns the town into a bustling, Irish summer destination, with warm weather and calm waters. ‘Enniscrone of the sunsets’ is widely used to describe this little town and it is very fitting. Every night,  whether it be in winter or summer, you are nearly always guaranteed a beautiful sunset.


In the winter, the wild Atlantic takes over and waves crash against the pier and coastline. Nature lovers wrap up and valorously take on the winter walks, eyes glistening as the cold whips around every corner. These walks are the best ones to take, you can only really experience the Wild Atlantic if you wrap up and immerse yourself in it, whether it be a wild and windy walk or a surf. The area has one of the best and safest beaches in the country for learning to surf, with many other breaks for the more advanced nearby. The Strand Fitness crew are among the brave who face the ruthless winter weather everyday for a run along the weather beaten coast. Alongside the runners, dedicated surfers sit in the Atlantic waiting for the next set. Coffee and Hot Chocolates are a necessary fuel for the hardy in the winter time. The seaweed baths offer some welcome respite offering heat and nutrition into the weather worn skin of the people who brave the frosty winds. The seaweed baths are a must when you visit Enniscrone, both for recovery and as a luxury.


The town takes a deep breath as the summer months arrive, in anticipation of the busy season ahead. The summer in Enniscrone is full on, the locals work so hard during the summer season as the town fills up with visitors. There is nothing quite like grabbing a drink and food with good company and enjoying the evening sunset after a busy days work. Familiar faces arrive in Enniscrone year after year and soon they are not just customers, they are friends. There is no doubt that the West of Ireland is an ideal location to unwind from city life and enjoy the simpler things; good friends, great food, a relaxing atmosphere and plenty of activities to try.

Golf lovers have a beautiful course nestled in the sand dunes, right beside the beach. Here they can end their day with a hearty bowl of seafood chowder in the Golf Club afterwards, which is so appropriate for a seaside golf course. Surfing is the most popular outdoor activity with plenty of surf schools on the beach and lots of board rentals available. One of the newer outdoor pursuits that Enniscrone has to offer is Stand Up Paddleboarding by the pier. There is nothing quite like standing up on your board and paddling into the calm waters on a sunny day as people swim off the pier. There are boats that take people out on trips during the day off the pier which, if you’re lucky, can result in dolphin sightings. The pier is central to summer life in Enniscrone.


Enniscrone also has great music entertainment with the best bands playing throughout the summer in the local bars. You can have dinner with the family and then listen to some great music in the local bars (while all of the Dad’s on holiday break out on the dance floor to some epic, eighties rock!). The bars are full of character, being very authentic to their surroundings. The food in Enniscrone is great, whether it be sit in or takeaway fish and chips, it’s all so tasty after a day on the beach; from Indian food, traditional Irish food, pub grub and even Ice-cream, this town has a great selection.


Enniscrone for many of us is the town where we went to school. Not many students can boast surfing as a sport for their P.E. class and have a five kilometre beach to go for a walk on their lunch break. Memories are made in this town. Whether it is the place you were born and raised in, where you went to school, where you got married or somewhere you visited once, Enniscrone stays in your heart long after you leave.


Enniscrone is your typical, nostalgic, Irish summer destination. 99 Icecream cones by the beach, sand in your car, wetsuits hanging on the line, faces abundant in freckles, that salty feeling on your skin after a day of swimming at the pier. It is like an Enid Blyton novel, with less Ginger beer and more Guinness (for the adults of course!) With more people choosing to holiday at home in Ireland, Enniscrone is a top choice. Young and old, families and couples, can enjoy all what Enniscrone has to offer.




Denise Kavanagh is a local photographer.  You can contact her to buy copies of these images or arrange your own photo shoot.

Tel: 0851777369

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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If you take a walk down the pier these evenings, you might be surprised to see a large group of people "walking on water".  The weather has been a bit disappointing, but the water has warmed up, but it turns out this group are planning on being on the water rather than in the water.  They are practising the sport of SUP (Stand Up Paddling).  




You may have seen these oversized surf boards in the water and wondered what it was all about.  Stand Up Paddle Boarding "SUP" is the fastest growing water sport in the world.  It looks like fun and one of things you will notice about a SUP class is that it is accessible for people of all ages and abilities. 




Classes are run by Harbour SUP and Sail. The idea is to get people confident and capable in the water over a period of time, with the ultimate aim of getting people up to a level of a 2 – 3km paddle!!  Alternatively, they offer basic and advanced skills workshops, tours/adventure paddles and can also cater for parties, groups and families.  If you are happy that you know what you are doing, but don’t have a board, equipment may also be hired to suitably trained/experienced individuals or groups.



While you certainly need to be confident in the water, and have a reasonable level of fitness, this really is a sport that appeals to all age groups and fitness levels.  Furthermore, it is a perfect family activity, group activity, or you can rock up on your own and join a session to see what it is all about.  You can make this as challenging or a relaxing as you wish, (subject to conditions).  A lazy paddle on a flat calm day or a race against your mates in choppy waters, will lead to a very different experience on the water.  And if you are good enough (or lucky enough), you won’t even get wet.  


So our advice is get out and try it……don’t get left behind!


If you would like to try your hand at this Sport, contact Mikee Hamilton to book:  (086) 031 5737

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Of course the number one reason you bring kids to the beach is to build sandcastles and paddle in the sea, but there has to be more to life right?




It is fair to say, you will build a fair few sandcastles, when you are here, but you probably would like to know what other options are open to you for very small children in Enniscrone

  1. Beach Playground and Crazy Golf

A playground is a playground isn’t it… Well no.  The Beach playground and Crazy Golf is more of an experience than a Playground.  In addition to the usual swings and slides, it has lots of other things to do.  As it is built on sand and is completely fenced in and secure, there are a great array of tractors, trailers, and digging equipment for your budding construction/demolition workers!  There is a separate and supervised arena for Crazy Karting, which is always a great attraction.  To the side of the playground, there is a Crazy Golf course which is bright, colourful, great value and has a few unique to Enniscrone features.



 2. Waterpoint Aquapark

It’s the beach right, so what do you want to go to a pool for?  Well not everyone enjoys swimming in the sea; the seaweed and the waves might all be a bit too much for little ones.  The Aquapark with kiddies pool and fun water flume ride is the answer.  After a swim, if your little ones still want more, there is also a great playground at the back of Waterpoint.



 3. Stick of Rock or a 99

No trip to the beach would be complete without the obligatory stick of rock, with Enniscrone through it, or a 99.  Pop into Milos and they will sort you out.  You can also stock up on buckets and spades, or postcards while you are there.

By the way it is worth noting, that the kids will most likely run into the sea on the day that they are fully clothed, and you have no change of clothes for them.  If this happens to you, Halmec hardware do carry a small range of kids clothes that will get you out of trouble.



4. Rock Pools

The poor Crabs of Enniscrone are driven daft by the amount of times they get fished out and released over the summer months, but it is good clean fun and they don’t come to any harm.  Arm yourself with a long piece of string, a clothes peg and some chopped up rashers, and they will come scuttling out, they are fond of bacon.  Make sure you have a big bucket to pop them into for examination.  Don’t keep them out of the water too long, and be kind when you are popping them back in.  

You can buy ready-made crab lines for a few euro in Milos or Halmac, if the DIY option doesn’t work out for you.



 5. Castle Field

 Because the beach is such a focal point of Enniscrone, the Castle Field often gets overlooked.  This is a great amenity that has been developed in recent years, with extensive signage outlining the Archaeological features and the story of O’Dowds Castle.  If that fails to impress, it’s got a great hill for rolling down, it’s the little things after all. 


Tell us have we missed anything?  What do your small kids love most about Enniscrone?


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Well we are not scientists but our best guess is that it is not the air, but the upswing in activity when you visit the beach.  There are endless opportunities for exercise from long beach walks, to links golf, swimming, surfing and lots more.  But it does lead to the question as to what to do when that sea hunger strikes.  Tradition would suggest Fish and Chips, in a brown paper bag with lashings of Salt and Vinegar, and we can certainly recommend Fry Days for this and more.  




But if your tastes run to something sweeter, check out Maple Moose for Crepes and Home-made Ice cream, or Tracey’s Café for delicious baking and coffee. 





If you are really hungry head for Pilot Bar, if you are lucky you will get a table.  This traditional little pub, has won Best Gastro Pub Sligo and Best Chef Sligo 2 years running, in the Irish Restaurant Awards.  The food is sure to satisfy – go for the seafood special for a real treat.  

Waterfront Restaurant has got the best views of Killala Bay, and the spectacular Enniscrone sunsets.  They specialise in super Seafood and fine wines.  Alternatively, Ait Eile’s beautiful setting, friendly staff, unique "Black Pig" dish, and divine desert cocktails,  all make for a combination that is hard to beat.   



Eating out can be a minefield with kids.  You don’t want to wait too long, or pay a fortune for food that gets left on the plate, so often it is easier to cook at home.  But you are on holidays, so you deserve a break from the kitchen.  Most restaurants and bars in Enniscrone have kid’s menus, and many are happy to serve half portions of main menus where possible.  




The Diamond Coast Hotel has their signature dish, the Coast Roast, which is a whole roast chicken, served with veg and roast potato and is a great value option for the family.  Both The Ocean Sands and The Diamond Coast Hotels have kids Clubs which give the little ones something to do while waiting for food.  

The key to eating out with little ones is timing:  get in before the crowds, to shorten your waiting times.


We could go on about Pizza, and Asian food, not to mention the Golf Clubs famous Chowder and Steak nights, but we will leave it to you to add your favourites.



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You can only build sand castles, and play hide and seek in the sand dunes so many times, before you need to seek pastures new.

However the kids don’t want to sit in the car all day, and to be fair the thoughts of a long drive with “are we there yet” on repeat is not that appealing.  That is when it is handy to know, what is close by for a change of scenery.

We have come up with some suggestions within a half hour drive of Enniscrone:



 Belleek Woods - Ballina

Only 15 minutes’ drive away you have a completely different landscape in Belleek Woods; Acres and acres of managed Irish Woodland along the banks of the famous Moy.  Pack a picnic and head to Ballina for a fabulous adventure in the woods.  Let yourself get lost, and stumble across all sorts of wonderful finds, from the old Lime Kiln to the Knox Gore monument.  Visit the old Ice House, which gave its name to the Ice House Hotel across the river.  Learn the story of the ‘Creteboon’(or is it a Pirate Ship)  that is sunk in the river.   Count all the boats on the river, or feed the ducks in the pond. Tip, you won’t get really lost if you keep an eye on the river, so you are free to be as adventurous as you want.

Read more about Belleek Woods

Belleek Castle – Ballina


Set in the heart of Belleek Woods, this gorgeous old castle that is a working Hotel, houses a unique collection of weaponry and fossils, in the dungeons of the Castle.  Kids while not always too excited about museums seem to really enjoy this.  It brings out their inner “Lord of the Rings”.  As a matter of interest they also have a fossil of a Ichtyosaur for the Dinosaur enthusiast, and Grace O’Malley the Pirate Queen’s bed.  Daily guided tours at 11 am and 2pm.

Read more about Belleek Castle Museum

Bonniconlon Village and Walks

The village of Bonniconlon is 15 minutes from Enniscrone and is most well-known for its’ Agricultural Show every year on the August Bank Holiday.  It is established as the second largest show of its kind in the country.  This is some feat for a village of its size.  The small traditional village is also base for some great hill walking.  Whether you want to hike off into the Ox Mountains, fully kitted out, or just take the kids on an easy marked trail through the bog, you will find a walk that fits the bill that starts in Bonniconlon.  And if you have never spent a day on the bog, you won’t know that it’s the best place to pick up a suntan!

Read more about Bonniconlon Trails

Split Rock Easkey

The whole of this area has many archaeological sites dotted all over it, but one of the most accessible and mythical is the Split Rock (recently seen in the movie Calvary).  Legend has it that Fionn Mac Cumhal and other unnamed giants were having a rock throwing competition on the Ox Mountains, and this one missed it’s target (The Sea)  Fionn was furious so he jumped down from the mountain and split the rock in two.  It is said that if you pass through the rock three times, the rock will close and you will be lost forever…Are you brave enough to test it?

If you survive take a trip on in to Easkey to see where Calvary was set, and if conditions are right, stay a while and watch the big wave surfers take on the Atlantic!  Easkey is a favourite spot for the professionals to improve their technique.

Dromore West 

Dromore West is a small village on the N59 to Sligo.  If you park on the side the Petrol station is on, you will see a small gate which leads you to a lovely walk along the banks of the Dunneil River.  It is not very long, but it does come out on to the main road.  At this point, we would suggest you turn around and walk back the way you came.  

Read more about Dunneil River Trails

Lough Easkey Loop`

If you drive from Dromore West to Lough Easkey, along the “Lake Road” you are in for a treat.  This drives gives you some of the most beautiful views in the county.  When you reach the lake, you could do the peaceful and pleasant Easkey Loop Walk.  This is a 6km walk circumnavigating the lake.  This is a flat and easy walk but beware it can be very wet.  Wellies are advised.

Read more about Lough Easkey Loop Trail

If you have visited other attractions nearby Enniscrone that you have loved, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know.

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