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Of course the number one reason you bring kids to the beach is to build sandcastles and paddle in the sea, but there has to be more to life right?




It is fair to say, you will build a fair few sandcastles, when you are here, but you probably would like to know what other options are open to you for very small children in Enniscrone

  1. Beach Playground and Crazy Golf

A playground is a playground isn’t it… Well no.  The Beach playground and Crazy Golf is more of an experience than a Playground.  In addition to the usual swings and slides, it has lots of other things to do.  As it is built on sand and is completely fenced in and secure, there are a great array of tractors, trailers, and digging equipment for your budding construction/demolition workers!  There is a separate and supervised arena for Crazy Karting, which is always a great attraction.  To the side of the playground, there is a Crazy Golf course which is bright, colourful, great value and has a few unique to Enniscrone features.



 2. Waterpoint Aquapark

It’s the beach right, so what do you want to go to a pool for?  Well not everyone enjoys swimming in the sea; the seaweed and the waves might all be a bit too much for little ones.  The Aquapark with kiddies pool and fun water flume ride is the answer.  After a swim, if your little ones still want more, there is also a great playground at the back of Waterpoint.



 3. Stick of Rock or a 99

No trip to the beach would be complete without the obligatory stick of rock, with Enniscrone through it, or a 99.  Pop into Milos and they will sort you out.  You can also stock up on buckets and spades, or postcards while you are there.

By the way it is worth noting, that the kids will most likely run into the sea on the day that they are fully clothed, and you have no change of clothes for them.  If this happens to you, Halmec hardware do carry a small range of kids clothes that will get you out of trouble.



4. Rock Pools

The poor Crabs of Enniscrone are driven daft by the amount of times they get fished out and released over the summer months, but it is good clean fun and they don’t come to any harm.  Arm yourself with a long piece of string, a clothes peg and some chopped up rashers, and they will come scuttling out, they are fond of bacon.  Make sure you have a big bucket to pop them into for examination.  Don’t keep them out of the water too long, and be kind when you are popping them back in.  

You can buy ready-made crab lines for a few euro in Milos or Halmac, if the DIY option doesn’t work out for you.



 5. Castle Field

 Because the beach is such a focal point of Enniscrone, the Castle Field often gets overlooked.  This is a great amenity that has been developed in recent years, with extensive signage outlining the Archaeological features and the story of O’Dowds Castle.  If that fails to impress, it’s got a great hill for rolling down, it’s the little things after all. 


Tell us have we missed anything?  What do your small kids love most about Enniscrone?


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You can only build sand castles, and play hide and seek in the sand dunes so many times, before you need to seek pastures new.

However the kids don’t want to sit in the car all day, and to be fair the thoughts of a long drive with “are we there yet” on repeat is not that appealing.  That is when it is handy to know, what is close by for a change of scenery.

We have come up with some suggestions within a half hour drive of Enniscrone:



 Belleek Woods - Ballina

Only 15 minutes’ drive away you have a completely different landscape in Belleek Woods; Acres and acres of managed Irish Woodland along the banks of the famous Moy.  Pack a picnic and head to Ballina for a fabulous adventure in the woods.  Let yourself get lost, and stumble across all sorts of wonderful finds, from the old Lime Kiln to the Knox Gore monument.  Visit the old Ice House, which gave its name to the Ice House Hotel across the river.  Learn the story of the ‘Creteboon’(or is it a Pirate Ship)  that is sunk in the river.   Count all the boats on the river, or feed the ducks in the pond. Tip, you won’t get really lost if you keep an eye on the river, so you are free to be as adventurous as you want.

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Belleek Castle – Ballina


Set in the heart of Belleek Woods, this gorgeous old castle that is a working Hotel, houses a unique collection of weaponry and fossils, in the dungeons of the Castle.  Kids while not always too excited about museums seem to really enjoy this.  It brings out their inner “Lord of the Rings”.  As a matter of interest they also have a fossil of a Ichtyosaur for the Dinosaur enthusiast, and Grace O’Malley the Pirate Queen’s bed.  Daily guided tours at 11 am and 2pm.

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Bonniconlon Village and Walks

The village of Bonniconlon is 15 minutes from Enniscrone and is most well-known for its’ Agricultural Show every year on the August Bank Holiday.  It is established as the second largest show of its kind in the country.  This is some feat for a village of its size.  The small traditional village is also base for some great hill walking.  Whether you want to hike off into the Ox Mountains, fully kitted out, or just take the kids on an easy marked trail through the bog, you will find a walk that fits the bill that starts in Bonniconlon.  And if you have never spent a day on the bog, you won’t know that it’s the best place to pick up a suntan!

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Split Rock Easkey

The whole of this area has many archaeological sites dotted all over it, but one of the most accessible and mythical is the Split Rock (recently seen in the movie Calvary).  Legend has it that Fionn Mac Cumhal and other unnamed giants were having a rock throwing competition on the Ox Mountains, and this one missed it’s target (The Sea)  Fionn was furious so he jumped down from the mountain and split the rock in two.  It is said that if you pass through the rock three times, the rock will close and you will be lost forever…Are you brave enough to test it?

If you survive take a trip on in to Easkey to see where Calvary was set, and if conditions are right, stay a while and watch the big wave surfers take on the Atlantic!  Easkey is a favourite spot for the professionals to improve their technique.

Dromore West 

Dromore West is a small village on the N59 to Sligo.  If you park on the side the Petrol station is on, you will see a small gate which leads you to a lovely walk along the banks of the Dunneil River.  It is not very long, but it does come out on to the main road.  At this point, we would suggest you turn around and walk back the way you came.  

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Lough Easkey Loop`

If you drive from Dromore West to Lough Easkey, along the “Lake Road” you are in for a treat.  This drives gives you some of the most beautiful views in the county.  When you reach the lake, you could do the peaceful and pleasant Easkey Loop Walk.  This is a 6km walk circumnavigating the lake.  This is a flat and easy walk but beware it can be very wet.  Wellies are advised.

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If you have visited other attractions nearby Enniscrone that you have loved, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know.

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