Enniscrone is a picturesque seaside town on the Wild Atlantic Way route. The year seems to be divided up by weather and holidays so much so, that it seems like a different town when comparing the winter to the summer, and I mean this in a good way! Like most rural locations it is extremely seasonal and there is no doubt in the winter time that Enniscrone is on the Wild Atlantic Way route, with big swells and stormy weather hitting the coast. The summer time turns the town into a bustling, Irish summer destination, with warm weather and calm waters. ‘Enniscrone of the sunsets’ is widely used to describe this little town and it is very fitting. Every night,  whether it be in winter or summer, you are nearly always guaranteed a beautiful sunset.


In the winter, the wild Atlantic takes over and waves crash against the pier and coastline. Nature lovers wrap up and valorously take on the winter walks, eyes glistening as the cold whips around every corner. These walks are the best ones to take, you can only really experience the Wild Atlantic if you wrap up and immerse yourself in it, whether it be a wild and windy walk or a surf. The area has one of the best and safest beaches in the country for learning to surf, with many other breaks for the more advanced nearby. The Strand Fitness crew are among the brave who face the ruthless winter weather everyday for a run along the weather beaten coast. Alongside the runners, dedicated surfers sit in the Atlantic waiting for the next set. Coffee and Hot Chocolates are a necessary fuel for the hardy in the winter time. The seaweed baths offer some welcome respite offering heat and nutrition into the weather worn skin of the people who brave the frosty winds. The seaweed baths are a must when you visit Enniscrone, both for recovery and as a luxury.


The town takes a deep breath as the summer months arrive, in anticipation of the busy season ahead. The summer in Enniscrone is full on, the locals work so hard during the summer season as the town fills up with visitors. There is nothing quite like grabbing a drink and food with good company and enjoying the evening sunset after a busy days work. Familiar faces arrive in Enniscrone year after year and soon they are not just customers, they are friends. There is no doubt that the West of Ireland is an ideal location to unwind from city life and enjoy the simpler things; good friends, great food, a relaxing atmosphere and plenty of activities to try.

Golf lovers have a beautiful course nestled in the sand dunes, right beside the beach. Here they can end their day with a hearty bowl of seafood chowder in the Golf Club afterwards, which is so appropriate for a seaside golf course. Surfing is the most popular outdoor activity with plenty of surf schools on the beach and lots of board rentals available. One of the newer outdoor pursuits that Enniscrone has to offer is Stand Up Paddleboarding by the pier. There is nothing quite like standing up on your board and paddling into the calm waters on a sunny day as people swim off the pier. There are boats that take people out on trips during the day off the pier which, if you’re lucky, can result in dolphin sightings. The pier is central to summer life in Enniscrone.


Enniscrone also has great music entertainment with the best bands playing throughout the summer in the local bars. You can have dinner with the family and then listen to some great music in the local bars (while all of the Dad’s on holiday break out on the dance floor to some epic, eighties rock!). The bars are full of character, being very authentic to their surroundings. The food in Enniscrone is great, whether it be sit in or takeaway fish and chips, it’s all so tasty after a day on the beach; from Indian food, traditional Irish food, pub grub and even Ice-cream, this town has a great selection.


Enniscrone for many of us is the town where we went to school. Not many students can boast surfing as a sport for their P.E. class and have a five kilometre beach to go for a walk on their lunch break. Memories are made in this town. Whether it is the place you were born and raised in, where you went to school, where you got married or somewhere you visited once, Enniscrone stays in your heart long after you leave.


Enniscrone is your typical, nostalgic, Irish summer destination. 99 Icecream cones by the beach, sand in your car, wetsuits hanging on the line, faces abundant in freckles, that salty feeling on your skin after a day of swimming at the pier. It is like an Enid Blyton novel, with less Ginger beer and more Guinness (for the adults of course!) With more people choosing to holiday at home in Ireland, Enniscrone is a top choice. Young and old, families and couples, can enjoy all what Enniscrone has to offer.




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